Same as most people I also came to know about Dr.Bhumika mam through Google as ratings were high and now through my personal experience I can relate with it too. It was my first ever experienced, was very nervous at first but after meeting mam I got relaxed and had a faith that everything will get back to normal soon. I thank to Dr.Bhumika mam for being kind and recommend to all my friends and family.


Mam is one of best gynecologist. i came to know about her from online. i have an excellent experience with her. I feel me and my baby is now in safe hands. I recommend her to my friends and family members.

Chandu khatak

I came to know about Dr. Bhumika online as the ratings were high, I decided to visit her clinic for my mom. She is the most down to earth doctor i have came across till date. Always ready to help her patients. With her brilliance, Expertise and quick diagnosis and treatment we were able to identify the disease. Her understanding about patients situation is unmatchable. Her positive attitude gave us support and a ray of hope. She is a kind of doctor i would highly recommend for all ladies across all age groups.

Priyanka Rele

A very helpful and life changing experience. Would love to recommend others who are facing pcos or any other issues related to hormones. Because of Dr. Bhumika Kotecha I was able to solve my pcos problem and am really satisfied with the treatment..

Renuka rao

Dr.Bhumika is extremely patient, explains everything very simply. Trustworthy. The treatment for me was seamless. It was a comfortable experience over-all. Apart from medical support, she is kind enough to extend emotional support as well (which is very important )

Benaifer Jahangir

Dr Bhumika mundhe is very helpful and nice person.she listen s all our inputs very clamly. She was very nice person. I'm happy with services.

Vijay Charaniya

First thing I should thank Dr. Bhumika for best treatment i experienced last few months. Every visit Dr. explained very well about precautions in situation like covid and suggested time to time care to be taken of mother and baby. In terms of machinery, clinic equipped with advance machines. No need to go out for any pathology reports. In emergency also Dr. responded on message as well.

Bhupesh Tandel

Thank u mam for ur best treatment. In emergency mam responded on msg also ...thank u once again.... highly recommend

Aarti Hodage

I came to know about dr.Bhumika mundhe on Google.She is really a great dr.I was having problem of getting high BP during my pregnancy which was really being kept controlled by dr.bhumika,she is really down to earth dr.highly recommended by me and last but not the least thankful to her for the way she has managed everything throughout my pregnancy.

Ummeaiman Bhanpurawala

Visited Dr. BHUMIKA today with my Fiance and without a doubt these ratings and reviews speaks for its self. Made an appointment at the CP Tank Clinic and indeed she is hands down a very knowledgeable and humble person. Likes : - She started with analysing past history and narrowing it down to current habits. - Explained future steps, measures and test that would be required. - Gave us a heads up of what to expect and what the outcome should be. My first visit truely made me take the time out to put this review for Dr. BHUMIKA and her team and by far she is a wonderful person to speak to. I trust my Fiance in her hands and sure she has done wonders for many. Dislikes : NONE!!! Surely very hard to find any.

Daylin Cordeiro

On the medical part, she's a very good doctor however when the matter comes to money, she's no different than what the medical industry has become. With the involvement of hospitals, patients are charged astronomical amounts. There is no transparency on the money part. Even the regular scans done at the clinic are priced very high than what you will get at from outside.

Sujay Kirti

Very polite and best doctor,she understands your problem and will give you a best suggestions,it was wonderful experience with Dr bhumika Thank you ma'am Highly recommended

Hemant Bodhankar

I'm very thankful to Dr.Bhumika. she feels you so comfortable and talks very politely and explains about the procedure in very convenient way and even treats us in very proper way Highly recommend

Shruti Shah

It was very good experience.... Dr. Bhumika is very professional and humble. Best part is her way of communication with patients, she hears every query properly & provides proper solution to questions. She helped us even after delivery of my wife. I would recommend Dr.Bhumika.

Ram More

Dr. Bhumika is reliable and quick. She has a positive attitude and that helped me a lot during every follow up session. Her clinic is equiped with sonography machine which helps to get a real-time update of the tests

Sneha Budharap