Fertility Clinic

Fertility enhancing surgeries include laparoscopy and hysteroscopy (together also called as Laparohysteroscopy). This surgery helps to diagnose and manage many gynecologic conditions like fibroids, polyps, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, etc that may induce spontaneous pregnancy and enhance Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) results.

This laparo-hysteroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure in which a telescope-like instrument with light and small camera allows the surgeon to examine the female genital organs for causes of female infertility.

Laparoscopy involves examination of uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries via abdomen. Hysteroscopy involves examination of uterine cavity from inside.

Infertility Clinic

The Women’s Clinic in Girgaon, Charrni Road, is one stop Maternity Services centre for females with healthcare issues. The Clinic is dedicated to providing the best quality care to women in all stages of pregnancy. Dr Bhumika Kotecha Mundhe, Best Lady gynecologist in Giragon, Charni Road understands woman’s physiology and immediately connect with them, her deep connection with her patients, helps her offer better gynecology, obstetrician & maternity services, which makes her the best obstetrician in Girgaon, Charni Road. An expert gynaecology specialists, always up to date with all the methods & procedures of female reproductive & contraception provides one to one consultation, considering their individual needs, preferences and medical conditions.

At The Women’s Clinic, Dr Bhumika Kotecha Mundhe offers best maternity services with comprehensive medical & surgical care. She has a disciplined team of Aaya, Mausi, Nurses and medical staff. With well-maintained and hygienic clinic The Women’s Clinic headed by the best lady gynecologist Dr Bhumika Kotecha Mundhe is the first choice of every pregnant women in Girgaon, Charni Road.