Case 1

A 28 yrs old female with 2 abortions (recurrent abortion) in the past was anxious to conceive.

  • 1st abortion at 4 months of pregnancy
  • 2nd abortion at 5 months of pregnancy
  • This time she was pregnant and had come to us seeking help to maintain current pregnancy.
  • We went ahead and did a 3D ultrasound for her on our advanced GE Voluson P8 machine.
  • 3D Ultrasound for her showed a uterus with a minor birth defect and thereafter her pregnancy was managed accordingly. She now has a baby boy!


    Case 2

    A 25 yrs old female with previous 3 abortions was pregnant this time approached us very hopefully to have a better outcome this conception.

    After thorough investigation, she was put on some injectables thoroughout her pregnancy and was able to give birth to this cute little angel!

    Case 3

    A 49 yrs old female come to us with complaints of heavy intermittent bleeding. After an ultrasound on our GE Voluson P8 machine we diagnosed her to have Adenomyosis.

    She was then subjected to endometrial sampling (curettage) which was done very much in the clinic itself without anaesthesia. Thereafter was put on oral medications for adenomyosis.

    She has been happy so far!